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Legal Solutions 

Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to achieve the results you require. Let us be your front line in the field! 

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Carrier Solutions 

Our team of experienced Investigators is prepared to satisfy any need in the field. 

Litigation Support Solutions 

Our experienced team is proud to work closely with local legal firms, county Public Defender's offices, and private citizens to provide professional services to satisfy both their criminal defense Investigative needs, as well as civil procedural duties. Let us assist you in getting the results you desire. 

Comprehensive Investigative Services

Whether you require the highest quality field surveillance Investigators, a seasoned accident reconstruction team, or an unmanned drop operation with remote viewing, our team is ready for the challenge. 


With thousands of hours of experience at your service, Our team strives to build and maintain a reputation of excellence in providing professional, comprehensive, innovative, and results driven solutions for our clients.

We excel at adapting to fit your specific needs. 

NYS License # 11000191423   

​“This business is licensed by the New York Department of State, Division of Licensing Services.”

Our Commitment to providing you with the RESULTS you need us unsurpassed.

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