Our Services:

Direct Surveillance: Our team is dedicated to providing you with the results you require. With thousands of hours of experience in the field, we are comfortable executing any protocol, and utilizing any tactic available to suit your individual need. Our location in Upstate New York has created a team experienced in both rural as well as urban surveillance, which positions us to be the best solution for any location. 

Multiple Man Teams: Our multiple man team solutions have successfully produced results where numerous others have failed. Most notably, a client of ours had invested over 80 hours with no results in attempt to verify claimant activity, which included the use of multiple man teams. After assessing the previous reports and formulating a strategy on site, we obtained results the First Day! We have also successfully executed two man International surveillance efforts which spanned water crossings, and offshore excursions. We welcome the challenge where others have failed.  

Unmanned SurveillanceIf an unmanned drop solution is required, you have your team. We have a variety of solutions available at your request. 

Criminal Defense Investigations: Our team is experienced in assisting with a variety of criminal defense cases, from healthcare fraud, to simple assault, to complex rape cases; we are ready to meet your needs. 

Brand protection: We have worked closely with enforcement agencies to provide Investigative solutions for numerous Intellectual Property protection needs. We have successfully executed trademark infringement investigations to uncover a counterfeit supply chain from the United States to Canada, and ultimately to the manufacturing source in Taiwan. We welcome any opportunity to assist in protecting your property. 

Alive and Wellness Checks: Our coverage radius positions us to successfully service multiple Carriers, TPA's, and clients to execute periodic field checks. 

Field Interviews: Let us be your information intermediaries. Our team is experienced in all relevant field interview needs. 

Data Retrieval: We provide data and document retrieval for your chain of custody enforcement relevant to any need. We service multiple commercial retailers for relevant injury incident evidence retrieval, and would welcome any need you may have. 

Accident Reconstruction: Our team is experienced in accident reconstruction and locus Investigations. Let us assist you in uncovering the truth. 

Spousal Infidelity Services: If you have the need, we have the experience and solutions required to obtain the truth for you. Feel free to contact us for a consult.  

Skip tracing: Our team includes experienced skip tracers, ready to locate any individual necessary. Our access to information and data sources rivals any firm. 

Background checks: Direct hires without due diligence can result in costly vicarious liability, and other negative externalities post hire. Let us provide you with comprehensive background check services to protect your organization. 

Process Serving: Our process servers serve the greater Upstate New York region. Let us provide you with exceptional service, and get you the results you require.  

Document Searches: We offer document and records searches to fulfill any business or Investigative need. 

Occupancy Verification: We offer subject occupancy verification services to confirm residency on site.

DNA Evidence Retrieval: We offer a licensed, bonded evidence retrieval solution for any need. 

We offer a comprehensive range of Investigative, Professional, and Support Services. We would be pleased to discuss any need you may have. 

Investigative Services

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